Welcome to my blog, Brown Belle Fitness! Where all are invited to tag along on my fitness journey as I attempt to transform myself from a sweet-tea-drinkin’, soul-food eatin’ Southern Belle to a fit vixen (a leaner, stronger, healthier me)!

There will be no shortage of fun times and laugh-out-loud moments as I try to make better choices that will ultimately result in a better (BANGIN’) body—especially as I try to convince my family that it’s not exactly a sin if you don’t lick your dinner plate clean or when I have to make a better-choice decision…sweet potato fries instead of a slice of sweet potato pie.

And while the initial intention of this blog is to share my journey, I also hope to inspire and empower others to live a healthier and more active life by sharing recipes, fitness tips, the latest and hottest in workout gear (I strongly believe that when you look good, you feel good) and other things fitness and deliciously nutritious!

Well, I guess there’s nothing to it but to DO IT! Let’s go!


The articles written on this blog are not written by medical professionals. It is a personal blog and the writings found here are opinions based on person experience. I am not a doctor so you should always consult your physician before starting any exercise program if you have any existing medical conditions.


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