Female Muscle: Respect the Flex


Kai Greene

We’re making progress—the Black community that is. We’ve come to accept gay choir directors in the Black church (although we damn them to hell Monday – Saturday, but praise their choir-directing talents on Sunday mornings…that’s a joke…just in case someone wants to get semi-offended). Interracial dating no longer seems to be an issue. Stacy Dash was comfortable coming out as a Republican (although there was some backlash). Oh, and I met a Black atheist the other day, which I never knew one existed (I’m from the South…everybody’s Baptist).

But, there are still some things in our community that are still taboo…that we’re still learning to accept…appreciate…respect—muscle…muscles…lots of muscles…on a woman…women bodybuilders. I do understand that our hesitancy to accept “female muscle” may be more of a personal preference rather than a collective cultural belief that muscles on a woman is a “vehement prohibition.”

However, every…and I do mean every man (every heterosexual one at least) that I know personally shares the same view about a muscular woman, “Ummm…yeah…that’s just not sexy.” Women are, according to them, suppose to be…feel…soft, plush…like a squeezable roll of Charmin toilet paper. In fact, my uncle (who shall remain nameless because I love him so dearly) demanded…forced my aunt to stop lifting weights because she was “bulking up”…   “looking too much like a man”…despite the fact that she was on her way to being in the best shape of her life. And, I get it. I really do. Because, as a woman and no matter how much in shape I desire…aspire to get, I still want to preserve my sexy…my attractiveness. In which, the problem lies…the balancing of muscle and femininity (although sexy is in the eye of the beholder).

What’s great is that we live in a country where we’re free to express our opinions…our perspectives…our ideologies…our likes and dislikes. So, you don’t have to like a woman with muscles. You don’t have to think she’s sexy or attractive. You can think that she has way too many muscles. You can even say that she looks gross…like a man even. BUT, you cannot disrespect her. In fact, you have to show her some respect because do you know what it takes to sculpt one’s body into such physical flawlessness…physical amazement…physical perfection?

Determination. Dedication. Discipline. Three things that a large majority of us lack.

So to the female-muscle-hating-man…when you’re still sleeping…snoring…hitting the snooze button…carrying around that beer belly…breathing all hard and stuff…trying to catch your breath as you walk up a flight of stairs…that woman…the one with muscles…who you think looks gross..she’s up at the break of dawn…hitting the gym with a goal in mind…to be the best…to look her best as she sees fit. She’s an achiever…a competitor…a winner.

With that, don’t knock the hustle…respect the muscle!

Oh, so you’re probably wondering why I also posted a pick of Kai Greene (clearly a man). It’s because he’s my favorite male bodybuilder. I respect his gym hustle…his drive…his ambition. Plus, one of his legs is the size of four of mine…dude is awesome!

Photo Credits: Lenda Murray (gmvbodybuilding.com), Kai Greene (gallery.macocbodybuilding.com)


Brown Belle Fitness


2 thoughts on “Female Muscle: Respect the Flex

  1. Someday female bodybuilders will get the respect they deserve. I read an article yesterday about ‘MAC cosmetics using a female bodybuilder in a new ad campaign, people have pretty split opinions but I think she looks amazing. Thank you for posting this.

    • Thanks for your comments and I checked out the article…wow…I think it’s amazing. She looks great…strong, which is the point of MAC Strength ad campaign. Thanks for hipping me to the article!

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