Eat HOT…Burn FAT: How spicing up your meals can help you slim down!

A little bit of Louisiana Hot Sauce can not only add flavor to your meals but according to a Penn State University report, hot sauce can also help boost your metabolism and burn fat! Flavoring your meals with hot sauce or eating any spicy foods raises the body’s temperature; thus, increasing your metabolism and causing your body to burn fat/calories. This effect is temporary, lasting approximately 30 minutes. However, this is still great news! Think about those days you’re just too tired to make it to the gym or you don’t have the time to get a workout in. Simply spicing up a few of your weekly meals can energize the body and burn off some of those calories you didn’t get to sweat off during the week.

If you don’t care for hot sauce, other low-calorie, spicy foods to consider are salsa, lean chili with hot peppers and beans and spicy hummus. And, boy, do I love salsa! Really, it’s a serious love affair. I’m from the South and while I’ve been dousing my fried chicken with hot sauce since before I could sing my ABC’s, my favorite cuisine is Mexican. In fact, when I weigh-in under 150lbs, I’m rewarding myself with a trip to La Fonda’s (I can see you fitness/nutrition enthusiasts shaking your head Noooooooo…come on…it’s just one trip, in which, I promise not to overdo it)!

In the meantime, in addition to eating right and exercising, I definitely plan on spicing up more of my meals…anything to burn more calories!

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5 thoughts on “Eat HOT…Burn FAT: How spicing up your meals can help you slim down!

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